More People Watched ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Than De Niro-Hosted Tony’s

According to Neilsen Media Research, the Robert de Niro-hosted Tony’s, which were riddled with profanity, lost the ratings battle to Sunday night powerhouse “Celebrity Family Feud” in a clash of titans.

In the 8pm hour, “Celebrity Family Feud” drew an audience of 7.4 million on ABC, with the Tony’s placing second on CBS with 6.7 million viewers. In the 7pm hour, CBS’ “60 Minutes” had 7.8 million viewers, meaning that at least 1.1 million people turned CBS off after “60 Minutes,” but before the Tony’s.

To be fair to de Niro, “Celebrity Family Feud” featured the family of Kanye West and the family of Kim Kardashian in an epic trivia duel.

Americans likely feel more connected to the West’s and Kardashian’s at this moment than they do with de Niro. As de Niro is sinking into oblivion, West is promoting free thought and support for the President on Twitter and Kardashian is working with President Trump on prison reform. By comparison, they make de Niro look like the crazy old man in the park yelling at pigeons.

“Celebrity Family Feud,” hosted by Steve Harvey, is a reboot of the game show that originally aired in the 1970’s.

The Oscar’s and Emmy’s both saw near-record low ratings already this year. It’s almost as if average Americans are tired of tuning in to meaningless award shows where completely non-relatable, rich Hollyweird elites bash the President who is demonstrably working on their behalf.

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