Most Afghanistan Evacuees Are Seeking Asylum. They Probably Don’t Qualify, and Won’t Be Easily Deported

With more than 100,000 citizens of Afghanistan airlifted into the United States in the wake of the country’s capitulation to the Taliban, the Biden administration has finally begun to reckon with the actual identity of those moved from the country.

Analysis of Kabul evacuees confirms that only a small percentage of the migrants are already eligible for US residency through the Special Immigrant Visa process, a demographic expanded through including those in the process of applying for an SIV. Some statistics indicate that as many as 88% of those airlifted from Kabul qualify as asylum seekers rather than SIV applicants, holders or US citizens.

The commanding general of the United States Northern Command, General Glen VanHerck, described the vast majority of Afghanistan evacuees as asylum seekers rather than vetted and approved US residents. VanHerck is the post commander of several of the US military installations in which Afghan evacuees are being held, in preparation to be released into the general public.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed earlier this month that the agency isn’t currently carrying out any deportations to Afghanistan, circumstances unlikely to change in the wake of the nation’s US-backed puppet government’s capitulation to the Taliban. The last time the federal government orchestrated a deportation flight to the Central Asian nation was in late 2020.

If the United States were to grant legal residency on the mere basis of being a citizen of a country controlled by an Islamist dictatorship, hundreds of millions of citizens of countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia would instantly become eligible for US residency. As opposed to openly demanding immigration privileges to any citizen of Afghanistan who wishes for it, supporters of the Afghan refugee racket stand likely to bypass the obstacle of US immigration laws and rules by creating a new class of undeportable alien.

The common sense solution would’ve been enabling those fleeing the Taliban to move to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, as opposed to moving hundreds of thousands of uninvestigated people across the world.

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