MSM Profile of Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Shows She Hated America Since Her Arrival

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has emerged as the face of extremism in America after making frequent comments sympathetic to Islamic terrorists and other remarks showing she harbors antipathy toward the Jews. That hasn’t stopped the corporate fake news media from profiling her as a success story for the leftist social programs of diversity and multiculturalism.

The dying magazine Rolling Stone lobbed softball questions at Omar, giving her a platform to spew her hate-filled lies unabated.

In one particularly groveling example of obsequience, author Tessa Stewart posited the following question to Omar: “There have been reports of Saudi-backed news outlets attacking you and Rashida Tlaib, the first Muslim women in Congress. What do you think they are scared of?”

“Our presence terrifies them,” she said of the Saudis. “These are totalitarian regimes that have retained their power and influence in the West by setting themselves up as the gatekeepers and the ushers of peace for the Muslim community.

“They are threatened, really, by Muslims who have now come to Congress who have the roots and understanding of the problems and can speak to solutions that do not involve them.”

Omar also demonstrated her anti-American mentality when she talked about her first thoughts when arriving on US shores. Rather than being grateful or inspired, she immediately felt disdain toward the land that she was invading.

“We had a layover in New York,” Omar said. “I remember seeing homeless people and panhandlers on the streets. There was trash everywhere, and graffiti. I remember turning to my dad and saying, ‘This doesn’t look like the America you promised.’ He said, ‘Girl, you ask too many questions. We’re gonna get to our America.'”

Omar also talked about what it was like to be a Muslim woman in America and how much fear she must have felt following 9/11. Ever the eager progressive, she didn’t miss the cue to paint herself as a victim.

“You were afraid as an American and you were mourning, [but] you were seen now as a suspect,” Omar said of her feelings following 9/11. “I remember there was an enormous fear that the community felt. It didn’t matter if you were a new citizen or if you’d been here all your life, there was a feeling like your existence here could be temporary.”

She felt victimized yet again when President Trump talked of a travel ban to certain countries known to harbor terrorism and anti-American sentiment. Omar apparently believes that her supposed right to travel is more important than the national security interests of the United States.

“I had just gotten sworn in [to the Minnesota Legislature] two weeks before. There was lots of chaos, people being stopped at the airports. I had a flight scheduled a week after to speak at a human-rights conference in Turkey. I didn’t know whether I could go. My father said, “I looked at the lineup at this human-rights conference — they’re risking everything. You are not gonna sit home.” I ended up going,” Omar said.

The profile did broach policy briefly when the Rolling Stone faux-journalist asked her how she actually intends to fund the socialist fantasies that she and other extremists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-MA) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) always reference in speeches to their deluded followers.

“Medicare for All is an issue that’s supported by the majority of Americans, and so that’s where we begin, right? It’s not a progressive idea, it’s not a Democratic Caucus idea, it is an idea that solves one of the greatest problems we have. So now it’s just figuring out what pieces of the legislation we put forth,” Omar said, failing to give any real specifics.

Omar was not held accountable by the corporate fake news and was even given an opportunity to clear the air following her anti-AIPAC comments that drew bipartisan derision.

“I work every day to make sure we are living in a more tolerant world. And I hope people understand how deeply I care about creating that world. That’s why one of the first things I did as a member-elect was to speak about the rise of anti-Semitism — and one of the first bills I cosponsored as a new member was legislation to elevate the position of a Special Envoy to combat anti-Semitism,” she said.

“Speaker Pelosi has been a mentor throughout this whole process and I look forward to working with her in furthering the people’s agenda,” Omar said to end the interview.

Democratic extremism is fomented and then harbored by the mainstream media. President Donald Trump was not kidding when he claimed that the fake news is the enemy of America, and their treatment of the rabidly anti-Semitic Rep. Omar proves his assertion to be correct.

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