MSNBC Analyst Wants Law Enforcement Agents To Infiltrate Trump Rallies And GOP State And County Parties

MSNBC political analyst Susan Del Percio wants law enforcement agents to infiltrate President Donald Trump’s rallies and also the Republican state and county parties, underscoring the extent to which left-wingers desire authoritarian persecution of conservatives in America.

MSNBC law enforcement analyst Jim Cavanaugh discussed how law enforcement has infiltrated right-wing movements and groups including people from the “anti-government movement,” as he called it. Cavanaugh said “We were in their groups. We were members of their groups. We knew when they were moving around, we knew what they were doing, and they’ve got to bring back that kind of law enforcement to get on these guys,” calling it “shoeleather law enforcement.”

Susan Del Percio, MSNBC political analyst, stated, “It looks like Donald Trump really was responsible for rallying the troops and sending them into the Capitol on January 6. He was a motivating factor. And the reason we know that is he’s still a motivating factor. Look at his Alabama rally not four weeks ago, where thirty thousand people showed up for an Alabama rally in the rain, in the heat. To Jim’s point about embedding law enforcement, I’d start embedding them in rallies and what’s worse and what this says about the party, which is terrifying and sad, is that: start embedding them in the state parties, in the county parties, because that’s where the extremists fester right now. They are actually part of the political process. “

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