MSNBC Founder Admits Joe Biden “Very Unsatisfying” In “Friendly, Softball Interviews”

MSNBC founder Tom Rogers admitted that Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden was struggling to articulate on the virtual campaign trail during an appearance on Morning Joe on Monday, stating that the former Vice President was “very unsatisfying” in “friendly, softball interviews.

Joe Biden has been shaky in numerous digital media appearances since the onset of the national coronavirus quarantine, at times rambling in an incoherent fashion and struggling to communicate clearly with liberal media interviewers seeking to set up the former Vice President was easy shots at President Donald Trump.

Tom Rogers was asked about Biden’s acuity and campaign communication ability at 11:30 in this MSNBC segment.

His performances have been very unsatisfying… And basically he’s been getting softball interviews with the exception of yours, Mika on the sexual harassment issues… I think the campaign really needs to figure how he will be in the position to discuss the defining issue of this election in a much more compelling way than he’s been able to do to date.

Rogers is the latest of several left-leaning national figures to honestly question the abilities of the Democratic nominee to communicate at the level required to win a presidential election. The mainstream media executive later went on to bluntly question his communicative acuity when asked about his messaging on the coronavirus pandemic.

When you listen to him on the pandemic… It’s a lot of disconnected phrases. It doesn’t really come together in a very convincing message. Every morning you guys put together and crystallize what that critique of Trump is. It’s not hard. And he can do it in an op-ed. But when it comes to social media and television, and he’s prime time, in the spotlight in the campaign, that articulation is going to have to be much clearer than it has been. And I really fear a crisis for the candidate if he cannot come up with a more convincing way to put out there exactly what the critique of Trump is.

Should Biden prove woefully unable to muster the charisma necessary for a national presidential campaign, Rogers’ remarks could prove to be a prophetic warning to Democrats who wanted the safe, milquetoast choice of a nominee.