MSNBC Host Slanders Kyle Rittenhouse as “Little Murderous White Supremacist”

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross slandered Illinois youth Kyle Rittenhouse as a “little murderous white supremacist” in a Saturday segment, grossly mischaracterizing Rittenhouse in a fashion that could leave her liable to a defamation lawsuit.

“I find these people disgusting, Elie… The fact that white supremacists roam the halls of Congress freely and celebrate this little murderous white supremacists.”

Cross’s guests proceeded to deliver a partisan-slop-extremist-hate rant attacking white people in a flurry of racism, unable to cope with the simple reality of evidentiary findings and simple truths regarding Kyle Rittenhouse’s case of self defense.

Some have suggested that the torrent of slander and libel against Rittenhouse carried out by the mainstream media could make them liable to defamation lawsuits, similar to fashion to those litigating by Covington Catholic student and media defamation victim Nick Sandmann. Rittenhouse is owed two million dollars in bail funds, money that internet conspiracy theorist Lin Wood is seeking with the hopes of purchasing a new beach house. Should Kyle rightfully obtain the money, he’ll have a strong defamation case to pursue against MSNBC and none other than President Joe Biden, who also wrongfully libeled the Illinois youth as a white supremacist.

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