Is Mueller Actually Working For Trump?

Robert Mueller, Facebook

I will state out the outset I can be wrong. So far, on almost all the big calls, I haven’t been but there’s always a first time.

That said, I think Robert Mueller is doing exactly what Donald Trump (yes, Donald Trump!) hired him to do. Oh, did you forget? Trump hired Mueller. Well, Rod Rosenstein hired him . . . the day after Trump “interviewed” Mueller for the FBI position.


Trumpers, who are most critical of Mueller’s investigation, normally (correctly, I’d say) see Trump as brilliant, playing 3D chess while his opponents play “Catch Phrase” (to which every correct answer is “racism” . . . but I digress). Yet in this one area, they seem to think, Trump was a dolt, that he didn’t realize what he was doing.

They go on to indict (no pun intended) Attorney General Jeff Sessions for “doing nothing,” for recusing himself (which, I was told by none other than former Trump chief strategist, he “had to do”), and for failing to “lock her up” (referring to Hillary).

It’s a strange dichotomy, to say the least.

Except it’s not strange, because Trump did know exactly what he was doing.

To get the story in the right perspective, it’s important to understand that Trump has been pursuing the presidency for at least 20 years, perhaps longer. He has always had a network of informants in business, and over time it’s not unlikely that he was soliciting information on potential political opponents. Trump had dirt on virtually everyone, because he was outside of politics and could be trusted with gossip. In those years, Trump learned a great deal about the Swamp.

A very great deal.

Fast forward to the investigation. Mueller hires, supposedly, a bunch of biased lawyers (some of whom, it turns out, specialize in financial transactions—which was never, ever mentioned in the original “charges” against Trump). So in addition to the fact that Trump was told on multiple occasions he was not a target, it also appears that the types of lawyers Mueller hired were looking at something entirely different than “Russian collusion.”

Some good models here would be the John Gotti investigations, ABSCAM, and the Robert Hanssen sting. These were all long investigations, totally secret, that nailed high-value targets.

So what do we know so far?

1. According to sources on all sides, Mueller’s team doesn’t leak. Neither does Sessions. So no one knows for sure what he’s investigating.

2. With that in mind, realize that when leaks appear as “news stories,” some target put them there out a desire to pre-empt or mitigate what is coming.

3. Trump, Sessions, and Mueller all knew that for the investigation to succeed in getting Loretta Lynch, James Comey, the Podestas, or anyone one else on the left, it had to operate in secret and totally below the radar. In other words, it had to look like it was pursuing Trump, even though he was told on multiple occasions he was not a target, and even though he has dismissed most—if not all—of his criminal defense team.

4. Further, it had to look like Sessions was incompetent. Trump provided “Cheese in the maze” early with Tweets about “Why Sessions wasn’t doing anything” and the like. The giveaway was the following day, Sessions had a presser for another sting and was smiling as if he knew exactly what was going on. People in Alabama tell me he had a sterling record and never brought cases that couldn’t be won.

5. It was important that Sessions recuse himself, because otherwise, the whole inquiry would have been about him.

6. Unfortunately, it was essential that at first Mueller/Sessions “look” at Trump people, hence some of the Trump associates had to hire lawyers—which Trump has graciously offered to pay for. I do not think the associates were at all in on the game.

7. At some point, after Manafort’s “investigation” most likely, the investigation would shift to the Democrats. Note today NBC has reported that Mueller is investigating Tony Podesta. This is the tip of the iceberg.

8. No, Mueller is not a part of Uranium 1. He intercepted bomb-grade material destined for al-Qaeda to start a bomb project and returned it to Russia. He doesn’t need a pardon or immunity.

To recap: from the outset Trump hired Mueller via Rosenstein to carry out the investigation of the Dems, most notably Podesta, but likely ending with the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, as Rush Limbaugh calls it. No one would get Hillary Clinton on the e-mails–but you might get her on something else, the Foundation. Further, this is being carried out in utter secrecy on Mueller/Sessions’ part. Finally, word is starting to leak out from targets that the investigation has shifted. Oh, and none other than Jimmy Carter just came out praising Trump, and says the election wasn’t rigged. What’s that all about?

I’ll tell you: Carter got word from a target of the investigation’s real objectives, and JC (“Jesus Carter,” as I call him) wants no part of this.

My best guess is that we’ll know the excrement is really about to hit the fan when you start to see stories in liberal-friendly outlets—such as The Hill this weekend!—that Mueller is “overreaching” and that he needs to be “reined in.” Ignore who is writing these articles and focus instead on who is putting them out. The Hill is one of the liberals’ most famous sources to get leaks out. I suspect we have about three more months, taking us into 2018 election season, before Mueller begins to drop indictments.

As you’ve seen in my voter registration articles, the Democrats are in huge trouble already with the electorate. This would likely bury them deader than the Know-Nothings.

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