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MULTICULTURALISM: Ten People from Dearborn Indicted in Massive Pharma Fraud Scheme

Behold the fruits of diversity.



Seven individuals from Dearborn, MI and another three other individuals from Dearborn Heights, MI have been charged with many counts of pharmaceutical fraud because they allegedly participated in an insurance scam that scammed the system out of a stunning $46 million.

State Attorney Matthew Schneider has charged Dearborn residents Mohamad Abou-Khodr, 30; Nabil Chehadeh, 39; Ali El-Moussawi, 29; Bassem Farhat, 46; Hussein Wazne, 50; Bahia Zeidan, 28; and Suzan Berro, 20, as well as Dearborn Heights residents Hussein Abdallah, 36; Daniel Haidar, 30; and Linda Fawaz, 25, with the heinous crime.

The diverse group of suspects have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges including mail fraud, money laundering, and wire fraud. The government alleges that the 10 individuals garnered over $46 million in fraudulent reimbursement claims between January 2014 and November 2019.

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“The indictment alleges that the defendants brazenly took advantage of programs created by drug manufacturers to help defray the cost of expensive prescription drugs, all in a scheme to steal millions of dollars,” Schneider said.

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“At a time when so many Michiganders are struggling to afford their medications, this alleged scheme is especially reprehensible. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to uncover and prosecute prescription drug fraud, so we can ensure these assistance programs remain available to help the people of Michigan,” he added.

Schneider made the announcement of the indictment alongside Special Agent in Charge Lamont Pugh III of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General’s (HHS-OIG) Chicago Regional Office and Steven M. D’Antuono, special agent in charge of the Detroit FBI office.

“The defendants are alleged to have defrauded a program designed to help patients pay for vital and often high-cost prescription drugs,” D’Antuono said. “I am impressed by the efforts of the FBI, HHS-OIG, and DEA agents who worked tirelessly to uncover the extent of this fraud and to hold these defendants to account.”

The indictment states that the multicultural suspects were allegedly operating dozens of pharmacies in the metropolitan Detroit area, primarily in Wayne County, although they were never actually opened to the public. They are accused of using these fronts to graft insurance cash by submitting falsified claims to co-pay assistance programs that were never bought nor distributed.

Authorities allegedly became wise to the scheme after claim administrators requested additional documentation or pharmacy audits. The defandents repeatedly stonewalled the requests and refused to submit internal audits, which arose further suspicion according to investigators.

The following pharmacies are accused of participating in the illicit scheme:

• New Boston RX Pharmacy in Huron Township
• Pro Med Pharmacy, Guardian Pharmacy, Wellmart Pharmacy, and Brite Well RX in Garden City
• Downriver RX Pharmacy, and First Aid Pharmacy, in Lincoln Park
• Newburgh Pharmacy, Med Health Pharmacy, and Ritemed Pharmacy in Westland
• Crittenton RX and Metro RX Pharmacy in Sterling Heights
• Family Health Pharmacy in Southgate
• Mint Pharmacy, Wellgreen’s Pharmacy (a/k/a Danny’s Pharmacy) in Westland
• Levan RX, Nova Pharmacy, and Smart Pharmacy in Livonia
• Clinic RX2, Med Rite Pharmacy, and Smart RX Pharmacy in Dearborn Heights
• Dalcoma Pharmacy in Clinton Township
• Canton RX and Michigan RX Pharmacy in Canton
• Safe Pharmacy in Taylor
• Quest RX, and Sam Pharmacy RX, in Novi
• Wayne Pharma, Wyandotte RX (a/k/a Royal RX) in Wyandotte

The fruits of diversity are at hand, and Americans are paying the price for lax immigration policy in myriad ways.


Georgia Lt. Governor Cries That President Trump’s Crusade Against Electoral Fraud is ‘Alienating Voters’

They’re blaming Trump for the fall-out of their own treachery.



President Donald Trump’s push against voter fraud in the state of Georgia is offending the state’s many RINO politicians who want to certify the fraud and move onto the senate races without so much as even improving the process.

“I do think the president and Republicans in general need to refine their approach to how we handle this post-election process,” Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan told CNN.

“I think there’s two parts that really are concerning to me,” he added. “One is the short term in the Senate election in making sure we don’t alienate any voters that we need to show up for Sen. [Kelly] Loeffler and Sen. [David] Perdue. And I think secondly, we run the risk of alienating voters longer term.”

Additionally, Duncan defended the reviled Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who have offered only perfunctory responses after a tidal wave of Democrat electoral improprieties in the state. Duncan called Kemp “steadfast and strong,” and he called Raffensperger “a rock star conservative [who] comes to work everyday and does the right thing.”

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Duncan made it clear with his remarks to the fake news leader that he is culpable in the voter fraud, and he wants to silence the hundreds of whistleblowers who have put their necks on the line to attest to grotesque third-world style improprieties at every level.

“It troubles me that some folks are willing, just for the sole intent of flipping an election, of spreading misinformation,” Duncan said. “I think we’re better than this. My hope is that we move past this here in Georgia and as a country. Certainly there are some better days ahead of us than what we’re in right now.”

Big League Politics has reported about the incredible betrayals of the Georgia Republican Party since the presidential vote, which has included Gov. Kemp’s lawyers arguing that saving Dominion’s trade secrets is more important than protecting electoral integrity:

Attorneys for the Republican administration of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp have argued that protecting the trade secrets of Dominion voting software is more important than getting to the bottom of severe electoral irregularities related to the controversial systems.

The National Pulse found key text in a court order preventing the deletion of key records in Cherokee, Gwinnett and Cobb counties. Kemp was listed as a defendant along with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the civil action file that was approved by the courts to preserve potential evidence of fraud.

“Defendants’ counsel also argued that allowing such forensic inspections would pose substantial security and proprietary/trade secret risks to Defendants,” the order reads.

The pathetic appeal to protect Dominion was ultimately rejected by the courts, as the Plaintiffs suggested a process in which the voting software could be inspected lawfully.

“Plaintiffs’ counsel responded that Defendants’ concerns could be alleviated by an order from the Court (1) allowing Defendants’ own expert(s) to participate in the requested inspections, which would be video-recorded, and (2) directing the experts to provide whatever information they obtain to the Court — and no one else — for an in camera inspection,” the order states…

The GOP needs to realize that there is no other option but to oppose massive voter fraud right now. The party and the nation will die a spectacular death if Republican leaders refuse to do the right thing.

Cowardly Republicans in the state of Georgia apparently want a death sentence for the GOP. Lt. Gov. Duncan has made it clear with his comments that he is another Benedict Arnold protecting the Democrat heist of the presidential election.

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