Multiple Instances of Racism Discovered Among BuzzFeed Staff

A Twitter user dug up several tweets from a multitude of BuzzFeed staffers expressing blatant racist hatred, mostly against white people.

Nick Monroe posted a compiled image of Twitter verified users Tweeting hateful messages, and created a Twitter moment that soon went viral. Among the racist content were the following sampling of Tweets:

“KILL a straight white male on your way to work tomorrow,” from Joe Bernstein, who is a reporter at BuzzFeed. 

“I hate white people,” from Deputy Arts & Entertainment Editor at BuzzFeed, Louis Peitzman.

“White people. God I hate them so much,” from freelance writer Justin Ling who has written at BuzzFeed. 

“i’m having such a ‘i hate white people’ week,” from Hattie Soykan, BuzzFeed contributor.

“white people are embarrassing,” from maria sherman, BuzzFeed contributor.

“white people so destructive man,” from Tracy Clayton, host of BuzzFeed podcast “Another Round.”

“In fairness, white people are the worst,” from BuzzFeed San Francisco Bureau Chief Mat Honan.

“Straight white men are the worst,” from BuzzFeed editor Lara Parker.

“Can’t wait for Trump to lose so these mediocre white men can go back to obscurity where they belong,” from Senior Product Support Specialist at BuzzFeed, Apl Ozcelik.

“Ban white men 2k16,” from BuzzFeed Australia Editor-At-Large.

Big League Politics was able to confirm that all of the people who Tweeted anti-white hatred listed above work for, or have at some point contributed at BuzzFeed. 

“While I’m not exactly sure ALL the accounts in that picture are Buzzfeed staff, there are enough of them that do or did work there. Thus I can say with some sense of confidence that Buzzfeed’s company culture seems to have an ingrained anti-white racism within it,” said Monroe.

Monroe’s thread was quite extensive, and archived hundreds of anti-white racist Tweets from the same BuzzFeed writers. See the full thread here.

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