Mulvaney and Cohn Angle For Chief of Staff As Media Attacks General Kelly

Mick Mulvaney, Twitter

White House economic adviser Gary Cohn and former South Carolina congressman Mick Mulvaney are showing up in the press as potential Chief of Staff picks if President Trump were to fire General John Kelly.


CNBC is touting unnamed sources to report that Mick Mulvaney and Gary Cohn are angling to replace Kelly. CNN also mysteriously ran a story with the same subject matter.

White House budget director Mulvaney is coming off tough budget negotiations. Despite a several-hour government shutdown led by Senator Rand Paul, President Trump ultimately signed the spending bill. The bill does not address the DACA immigration issue, which continues to be the topic of debate leading up to the March expiration date for DACA.

Kelly started in the administration at the Department of Homeland Security, where he clashed with the Border Patrol union over his belief that Trump would face great challenges in building the Wall.

But Kelly’s agreements with Trump on immigration were explained in a January 18 CNN piece headlined “John Kelly: Immigration ‘Hardass.'”

Kelly is the target of the mainstream media firestorm over an aide named Rob Porter who has been accused of past spousal abuse.

The FBI reportedly interviewed Porter’s ex-wives. The FBI has also reportedly conspired against the Trump White House.

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