Muslim Podcaster Compares Use of Tear Gas To Lethal Zyklon B and Chlorine

A leftwing Muslim podcaster compared U.S. Border Patrol’s Sunday use of tear gas for crowd control to the deadly use of gases like Zyklon B and Chlorine used by government to kill citizens.

Mussolini’s Italy, Assad’s Syria, and of course, Hitler’s Germany made Qasim Rashid’s asinine list in company with President Donald J. Trump’s America:

Rashid describes himself as a podcaster and “educator” in his Twitter biography. He’s not educated enough, though, to realize that tear gas has been used in nearly every nation on earth for crowd control. This reporter was present when it was used against rioters on the campus of UNC – Chapel Hill in August.

Especially gross is the comparison to the genocide of 6 million Jews using Zyklon B.

For reference, here is a description of what happening in Nazi concentration camps:

Led to a well-camouflaged gas chamber with fake shower heads, the prisoners were trapped inside when a large door was sealed behind them. Then, an orderly, who wore a mask, opened a vent on the roof of the gas chamber and poured Zyklon B pellets down the shaft. He then closed the vent to seal the gas chamber.

The Zyklon B pellets turned immediately into a deadly gas. In a panic and gasping for air, prisoners would push, shove, and climb over each other to reach the door. But there was no way out. Within five to 20 minutes (depending on the weather), all inside were dead from suffocation.

After all were dead, the poisonous air was pumped out, a process that took about 15 minutes. Once it was safe to go inside, the door was opened and a special unit of prisoners, known as the Sonderkommando, hosed down the gas chamber and used hooked poles to pry the dead bodies apart.

Rings were removed and gold plucked from teeth. Then the bodies were sent to the crematoria, where they would be turned into ash.

But Rashid is right – yesterday’s events at the border were totally the same as the Nazi death camp experience.

Congresswoman elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), a member of the proverbial Hamas Caucus, also tossed her hat in the ring to make false comparisons between yesterday’s attempted invasion and the Holocaust.

She said that asking to be considered a refugee is not a crime, just like it was not during the Holocaust. Nobody is making that argument. There is an asylum application process that must be adhered to in this fine nation of laws, and immigration authorities are processing hundreds of asylum claims per day at the border according to the latest reports.

Liberals tend to leave out nuance when it is politically expedient. Yesterday’s ridiculous commentary was a prime example.

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