Muslim Republican U.S. House Candidate in Arizona Refused to Support Trump as RNC Delegate, Demanded Drastic Increase of Third-World Migrants

Zuhdi Jasser is one of several Republican candidates vying to take on incumbent Democrat Rep. Greg Stanton in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, but his history of supporting the migrant invasion of the U.S. and boycotting President Trump as an RNC delegate make him unfit for leadership.

Jasser, a devout Muslim who founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, has amassed a list of endorsements for his candidacy, mostly from establishment Republicans or conservatives who have been anti-Trump in the past, such as talk radio host Glenn Beck, former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, former Sen. Jon Kyl, talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, and former Sen. Rick Santorum. One MAGA endorsement that stands out, however, is one from Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, who called Jasser “honest, humble and ethical” while interviewing Jasser on his podcast and said he was “all in” on his campaign.

But Jasser’s history shows that he is anything but “honest, humble and ethical” when it comes to putting America first.

As a duly elected Arizona RNC delegate in 2016, Jasser refused to attend the convention and support Donald Trump’s nomination for President. He talked about Trump’s opposition to multiculturalism as his reason not to support Trump’s candidacy.

“We have a candidate that is beyond the pale. He has thrived on bait and switch politics, no track record showing he shares our values as conservative. He has thrived on demagoguery with nativism and populism. That is not conservatism,” Jasser said in 2016.

Former Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWitt implored Jasser to resign as a result of his stance, but Jasser stayed in his position, shirking his duty as a delegate, in order to protest Trump and make it harder for Trump to win in 2016.

Jasser has also been a national advocate for the U.S. to accept more refugees, penning an article in the USA Today calling 2015 the “year of the refugee” and demanding that more foreigners from countries such as “Syria, Iraq [and] Burma” be let into the U.S. to hasten the nation’s demographic slide.

Jasser penned the article with former Obama administration official Eric P. Schwartz. Obama appointed Schwartz as Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration in 2009. Schwartz is now the President of Refugees International, an organization that promotes the resettlement of third-world migrants across Western countries. George Soros is listed as a Director Emeriti of Refugees International on their official website.

In their article, Jasser and Schwartz used data from the United Nations to make the case to flood America with refugees from war-torn regions filled with people who hate America.

“In dealing with the humanitarian imperatives that result from refugee flight, the United States and other governments must respond effectively and generously,” the article states, calling for the U.S. to accept “at least 125,000” refugees per year. Jasser also called for an expedited vetting process to place refugees in the country as quickly as possible and demanded more welfare to be given to refugees.

“Washington should also provide the Department of Homeland Security and other relevant federal agencies the funding and staff to help conduct background checks, process applications in a timely manner and eliminate long delays,” the article states.

“And the administration should ask Congress for additional support to the Department of Health and Human Services, which helps states provide social services to new arrivals. Finally, the administration should be encouraging other governments around the world to do more,” they added.

Jasser’s congressional page has no mention of President Trump, making it clear that Jasser’s disdain for Trump has not waned, although he has altered his stance on refugees to an extent.

“A legitimate asylum claim is reserved for migrants facing persecution or a credible fear of persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. I know, because my own parents fled Syria for that very reason and received asylum. But that claim is being widely abused – and our federal government is inviting it. Courts are overwhelmed and migrants who claim asylum are being issued notices to appear and then released into the country,” Jasser stated in his 8-point immigration reform plan.

“An effective law would require asylum seekers to apply for asylum and have the claim initially reviewed before entering the country. It would require those who pass on land through countries with asylum policies to produce proof that they have applied for asylum and been rejected by each of those countries. Those who enter illegally and then wish to claim asylum must cross back over the border into the nearest country with a U.S. Embassy to begin the application process,” he added.

In a recent candidates’ debate, Jasser made it clear that he does not support ending foreign aid to Ukraine, wishing to continue the U.S. proxy war against Russia, and defended foreign aid in general:

As Gateway Pundit noted, former NFL running back Jerone Davison is the only candidate in the 4th Congressional District race who consistently opposes funding for Ukraine and has strong America First principles. Jasser simply does not live up to the expectations for a Republican elected official in the age of MAGA.

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