MUST WATCH: Black Republican Congressional Candidate Exposes Failure of Democrat Party, BLM Movement

Republican candidate for Congress Kimberly Klacik exposes the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and the Black Lives Matter movement in a new campaign ad. Klacik released the video on Monday.

Klacik is running to represent Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, primarily located in the black-majority city of Baltimore.

Klacik’s new campaign ad exposes the crime blight affecting the city of Baltimore, and the opposition from Baltimore residents to the far-left proposal of abolishing the police.

Watch the viral campaign ad here.

Klacik breaks down the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement, which largely ignores the outsized murder and crime rate in major American cities. You can’t claim to speak up for black lives while turning the other way at the crime wave sweeping cities such as Baltimore.

Klacik’s ad also reveals that most Baltimore residents oppose the far-left policy proposal of defunding the police. Several district residents dismiss the motion, suggesting the proposal has more support from mostly white far-left ANTIFA type activists.

Klacik is running to replace machine politician Elijah Cummings, who represented the heavily Democratic Baltimore constituency for over twenty years before his death in 2019. The seat is currently represented by Democrat Kwesi Mfume.

It’ll be an uphill battle for the pro-Trump Republican candidate to pull off an upset victory in the Democrat stronghold, but Klacik has raised prescient issues that the Baltimore community would be well served to seriously consider.


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