MUST WATCH: Gen Z Teen Band Plays ‘CNN Sucks’ Song Outside Trump Rally

Teen Band CNN Sucks Trump Rally

A reporter covering President Donald Trump’s rally scheduled for later tonight caught a teen band playing a song titled “CNN Sucks” for the crowd lined up to see the president speak.

As Trump already assemble for tonight’s Greenville, North Carolina rally, a group of teens took it upon themselves to provide free entertainment for those waiting, playing an original song titled “CNN Sucks” for the crowd.

Featuring lyrics like “Lyin’ Wolf Blitzer”, “Don Lemon, he lies about everything” and “Jake Tapper, you make me wanna hurl”, the band appears to have utterly horrified Christopher Mathias, the Huffington Post journalist who captured the video on Twitter.

Other good lyrics captured include deriding another journalist, saying “he whines like a girl”, and “Jeff Zucker, keep talking!”

“Can you hear us yet? CNN sucks,” the video concludes, “We’ll give you a story, and you’ll never forget! CNN sucks!”

“I have arrived at the Trump rally in #Greenville, NC and the first thing I see is a MAGA teen band playing a song called ‘CNN sucks’,” wrote Mathias.

The band, four young men who appear to be teenagers, featured three guitars, two singers, and one individual on drums. All band members were proudly wearing Make America Great Again hats during the performance.

Referring to only CNN, the band is likely referring to the “CNN sucks” chants that have become a mainstay at President Trump’s rallies in recent years, as the president frequently lambasts the media while speaking to supporters.

Musical performances are common at President Trump’s rallies, with the crowd once singing the president “Happy Birthday”, and another time breaking into “Amazing Grace” after a member of the audience fainted.

The Independent reported:

After noticing a commotion in the crowd at Cape Girardeau’s Show Me Centre, he said: “Is there a doctor in the house, please? Doctor? Please. Thank you.”

As medics converged on the woman, he asked the audience to “say a little prayer”.

The crowd began singing “Amazing Grace” a short time after.

The woman was taken out of the audience but was reported to be unharmed.

“That was really something,” Mr Trump said as he returned to the podium. “I want to just thank everybody for the way you behaved. That was beautiful.”

Medical incidents are fairly common at political rallies in the US, where security often require audience members to arrive hours before they begin.

President Trump’s Greenville, North Carolina rally is scheduled for July 17 at 7 p.m. EDT. The president is expected to discuss “The Squad” of Democrat Congresswomen who have repeatedly attacked him after he suggested those who hate America are welcome to leave the country and return to their homeland.


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