MUST WATCH: Portland Rioter Accidentally Sets Another ANTIFA On Fire Through Use of a Molotov Cocktail

A man was lit on fire at Saturday night’s Portland ANTIFA riot, when another leftist rioter activated a molotov cocktail he had decided to bring to the so-called protest event.

The man went into a frenzy trying to extinguish the burning fire upon him, with his feet burning for a prolonged period. The entire event was caught on camera.

Another camera angle shows the man’s attempts to extinguish the fire upon him.

The Portland Police declared the gathering a riot shortly after the molotov cocktail incident, dispersing tear gas and evicting the racuous crowd from the area of the city they had chosen to target.

Saturday’s ANTIFA riots were the 100th straight night of coordinated and destructive criminal activity in the Oregon city, which has seen its reputation eroded by the left-wing political violence and a staunch refusal on the part of municipal leaders to combat it.

The Oregon State Police was on hand, making one of their first appearances in the left-wing city after pulling out in response to a lack of coordination from Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt. The OSP have been deputized by the US Marshals, enabling them to bypass a district attorney who has pledged de facto immunity to the vast majority of criminal rioters.

Criminal rioters stand to face criminal charges within the confines of the federal justice system instead. Until repeat offenders who commit crimes every night are secured in the jail system for the foreseeable future, the criminal activity will continue.



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