MUST WATCH: Trump Creates Hollywood-Style Trailer For Kim Jong Un Calling For Peace

President Donald Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was a major step towards peace on the Korean Peninsula. Both Trump and Kim left the meeting with a sense of optimism of what could be.

But while most of the world was cheering the welcomes change of tone by North Korean’s leader, some on the left aren’t buying it. One of the things the left is most critical of is a movie trailer the White House created specifically for Kim Jong Un promoting peace.

While most of America realized the amazing work done in the trailer, especially considering that Kim Jong Un is well-known for his appreciation of American pop-culture. The left characterized it as being full of “inspirational nonsense.”

You can watch the trailer below and see for yourself if that’s true:

The video showed a bright future that could come from working with President Trump. It showed a future of innovation, friendship, and peace. One of the most paramount moments in the entire trailer was when it showed a satellite view of North Korea at night, which currently shows a country with little power. It then showed the country light up, with its major cities being seen bustling with power.

This was the intent of the trailer that was shown to Kim Jong Un. Scott Adams, who is most well-known for creating the Dilbert comic strip, but as of late has made a name for himself writing about persuasion, pointed out that Trump is using the tools of persuasion with this video.

Scott Adams isn’t somebody who should be simply overlooked when it comes to persuasion. He was one of the few people who predicted Trump’s Presidency because he saw Trump using persuasion as a tool to mobilize disenfranchised voters. More remarkably is the fact that Adams doesn’t even align with Trump on most issues, as he admittedly claims he aligns with Bernie Sanders, and against Trump on economic issues.

But the left doesn’t understand persuasion. They don’t understand why Trump won to begin with, so they surely don’t understand his strategy with Kim Jong Un, which is working better than anybody expected.

The video created by Trump’s White House hopefully had a profound impact on Kim Jong Un. It laid out two futures, one of famine, poverty, and war; and one of peace, prosperity, and friendship. It ends with the words “The future remains to be written,” letting Kim know that the outcome is up to him.

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