MUST WATCH: Trump Supporter Calls Out Biden for Corruption to His Face

A Trump supporter called out Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden to his face Friday. The former Vice President was speaking at a campaign rally in Texas.

Biden falsely claimed that President Trump had began his 2016 campaign by calling Mexicans rapists. At that point, a man filming the speech in the crowd spoke up to rebuke the Democratic frontrunner’s misinformation.

The man went on to identify himself as a viewer of Alex Jones’

That’s a lie, Joe. That’s a lie. And it was your son, in Ukraine… You’re the one that offered to withhold a billion dollars… The Council on Foreign Relations? Son of a b****, he got fired, right, Joe? Trump is innocent. Your son is a crackhead.

Biden continues to lead most polls for the ongoing Democratic Presidential Primary, despite being associated with a series of corrupt actions surrounding American policy towards Ukraine.

Most prominently, Biden’s son Hunter was protected by his father after being set up to personally benefit from an oligarch-owned Ukrainian oil company. When Ukrainian prosecutors investigated the company, Biden used his office as Vice President to ensure the officials investigating his son were fired.

Biden’s been challenged by American citizens opposed to his track record of corruption at several of his recent campaign events and rallies. The 77-year old has grown testy, at times snapping back and cursing at American voters who demand he be held accountable for protecting his son from corruption investigations into Burisma Holdings.

Biden will likely continue to be challenged on his dubious track record by anti-corruption crusaders at events and rallies, and from the looks of it, he doesn’t have a serious answer to explain his shady actions as Vice President.

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