MUST WATCH VIDEO: Antifa Thug Chains Door At College Republican Event, Gets Arrested After Proud Boys Intervene

Antifa Chain Door Proud Boys

A member of Antifa was caught on camera appearing to chain the doors shut at a College Republican event at the University of Washington campus, and was quickly apprehended by members of the Proud Boys fraternal organization who were providing security for the event then subsequently arrested by local police.

Operation Cold Front founder Saleem Juma was delivering a speech for the College Republicans when a member of Antifa allegedly used a chain to attempt to lock the door, possibly so other members of Antifa could commit acts of violence on the attendees. Proud Boys and private security hired by Juma were able to quickly open the doors, provoking the Antifa member to run out of the building, where he was held by Proud Boys members until police were able to arrest him.

“This is how much they’re afraid of us,” said Juma, holding the chain. “They tried to lock us in here.”

A police officer on scene quickly asked attendees if they could identify the man, prompting one of the Proud Boys providing security to tell the officer he was being held. Footage shows police placing handcuffs on the suspect and placing him into a police cruiser.

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Speaking to Big League Politics, Juma said that a “black masked antifa member came with a chain and tried to chain the door closed.” Juma went on, “He failed miserably because we had Proud Boy backup and we had our own security team there.”

Underscoring the potential danger of the event, Juma elaborated that it would have been easy to attempt to start a fire in the room, or to throw a smoke bomb or firecracker. There were only to entrances to the space, and had the other one been chained, the attendees would have been sealed in the space.

“There were freshmen in high school there, there were 14 year old kids,” said Juma. “This isn’t just about a Republican meeting, they shouldn’t be able to wash their hands of this.”

Enrique Tarrio, Chairman of the Proud Boys, told Big League Politics that “The Proud Boys ran after him, took the guy down, and waited for the police to show up.” Tarrio added, “This is why the Proud Boys exist. I’m glad we were there.”

Juma and Tarrio believe the man may be facing as many as 40 charges of false imprisonment and kidnapping.

Juma is an independent video journalist who co-founded Operation Cold Front, a YouTube channel based in Washington state. His full speech, with the incident included, is available on his YouTube channel.

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