MUST WATCH VIDEO: Protesters Crash Democrat Press Conference In Florida

A Thursday press conference in Orlando, Florida, hosted by Democrat Governor candidate Andrew Gillum was crashed by a group of angry protesters.

The press conference was set up to announce a series of endorsements from Mayors across the state of Florida. But much of the conference was drowned out by the screaming protesters.

The largest contingent of protesters were a group of Cuban and Puerto Rican Americans upset with the socialist-leaning policies of Gillum. But the main disruption came from Central Florida Post‘s Jacob Engels, questioning Gillum on a recent scandal involving a staffer wearing a shirt labeling Trump-voting states as “Dumbf***istan.”

The staffer in question was fired, as first nationally reported at Big League Politics, but only after Tweets were uncovered showing the staffer calling on President Donald Trump to be executed, along with other insensitive statements.

Engels is heard yelling “Dumbf***istan!” as security pushes him away from Gillum. As this is going on, supporters of Gillum are seen holding other protesters back.

The video does include graphic language, and can be viewed below.

On the part of Engels, the confrontation is just one stop on his “Truth Tour” being led by his publication, Central Florida Post.

Engels is wanting Gillum to answer for why he hired the aforementioned staffer in the first place, and why voters in Florida should trust his hiring decisions if elected Governor.

When asked about his motivation for the confrontation, Engels cited independent journalist and Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer, stating:

“Laura Loomer has inspired me to mount this truth tour. We have to fight the alt-left on their level!”

Big League Politics will continue to report on Engels’ “Truth Tour” as it continues on.

Andrew Gillum is running against Rep. Ron DeSantis, who is endorsed by President Donald Trump. They will face each other in the November midterm elections being held on November 6th.

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