Nancy Pelosi Gloats About Standing Up for Taiwan and Calls Out Xi Jinping 

On August 10, 2022, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her first interview since she went on a tour to Asia last week.

During her interview with NBC News, Pelosi proclaimed that her trip to Asia, especially Taiwan, was “absolutely” worth it and stated that the United States government cannot let China isolate Taiwan.

“We cannot allow the Chinese government to isolate Taiwan,” Pelosi remarked. “They’re not going to say who can go to Taiwan.”

She claimed Chinese leader Xi Jinping “has his own insecurities” and she won’t let him dictate the schedule of members of the US Congress. 

“And what the Chinese are doing is what they usually do,” she continued.

“We met with every Speaker in all five countries, and their members of parliament, so it’s very productive. And in terms of Taiwan, we were not going to take Taiwan off our list because the president of Taiwan has invited us. President of China does not do our schedule,” Pelosi recounted.

Despite harsh admonitions from the Chinese Communist Party, Pelosi visited Taiwan, in a move that suggests the US is abandoning strategic ambiguity and is on the path to pursuing independence. 

During her visit to Taiwan, Pelosi criticized the CCP while making it “unequivocally clear” that the US government would “not abandon” the island.

Chinese authorities view Taiwan as a breakaway province that will eventually unify with mainland China. 

As a response to Pelosi’s provocative visit, China’s People’s Liberation Army conducted its largest military exercises in the immediate vicinity of Taiwan in decades.

As Press TV reported, Pelosi’s visit was condemned by many countries worldwide. Some of the most notable critics of Pelosi’s visit were Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia. These countries backed the One China policy and criticized Pelosi’s perceived breach of China’s territorial integrity.  

In a separate interview on August 9, Pelosi touched upon China’s furious response to her visit to Taiwan. She specifically called out Xi Jinping in the interview.

“I don’t think the president of China should control the schedules of members of Congress or anyone else who wants to visit Taiwan,” Pelosi commented.

“He’s trying to isolate Taiwan. … We will not be accomplices to his isolation of Taiwan,” she continued.

“I think that he is in a fragile place. He has problems with his economy. He is acting like a scared bully,” she noted.

“We were not going to take Taiwan off our list because of the president of Taiwan has invited us, the president of China does not do our schedule,” Pelosi remarked about her travel schedule. 

Pelosi stressed that she received “overwhelming bipartisan support” for her visit and placed emphasis on how “China will not be allowed to isolate Taiwan.”

At question during this visit, is the “one China” policy, where many countries worldwide recognize Beijing’s sovereignty over Taiwan, which even the US does as well. However, with the pivot to Asia, this policy is likely going by the wayside. The US Deep State and its NGO network has fomented separatism in Taiwan, as evidenced by increased arms sales and political support for pro-independence parties such as the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

Pelosi’s provocative behavior stands in stark contrast to former President Donald Trump’s realist approach to handling China where he focused exclusively on trade and decoupling from the East Asian nuclear power. He did not engage in provocative maneuvers to accelerate Taiwan’s independence or moan about human rights abuses in Xinjiang or Tibet. Ultimately, he was able to compartmentalize policy with China.

A truly America First approach to China consists of economic decoupling from it while also limiting, and in the long-term, banning immigration from it. There’s no need for military escalation with China over Taiwan. This is not America’s fight.

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