Nancy Pelosi Prepares New 25th Amendment Commission Bill to Remove Trump From Office

Nancy Pelosi is preparing a 25th Amendment commission in hopes of potentially removing President Donald Trump from office if he secures a second term in the November election.

Pelosi announced new legislation in the House of Representatives to create a “Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office.

The 25th Amendment is a never-before used provision of the Constitution which enables a majority of cabinet members and the Vice President to declare the President incapacitated, allowing for his replacement with the Vice President. Utilizing the scheme would require a majority of a President’s own department heads and the Vice President- making it all but impossible that it would ever be used except in a hypothetical situation where the President would be medically incapacitated- but that hasn’t prevented the 25th Amendment from becoming a Democrat power-grab fantasy during the Trump presidency.

President Trump rebuked the far-fetched commission idea in a Thursday tweet, arguing that Pelosi should be placed under evaluation for her own capacity.

The Commission is reportedly going to be outfitted with a range of Democrat-selected physicians and psychiatrists who will opine on whether the President is mentally fit for office. It’s traditionally a violation of medical ethics to diagnose a public figure with a disorder without a direct patient-physician relationship, but liberal doctors willing to drop the pretense of their own integrity have made fantastical claims about the mental status of the President since he entered office.

Be prepared for the 25th Amendment to become the hot new Democrat and MSNBC obsession after Joe Biden loses the November election to Donald Trump. The fantasy is likely only to lead to further frustration and derangement on the part of the left, as actually removing a President from office using the provision seems all but impossible.

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