Nancy Pelosi Tells Audience ‘That’s An Applause Line’ And Instructs Them To Clap

Pelosi Tells Audience Thats An Applause Line

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to have numerous senior moments during her televised speech before the United States Conference of Mayors, repeating herself at times, and informing the audience “that’s an applause line” numerous times.

Nancy Pelosi appeared before the Conference of Mayors on Wednesday night and spoke about the importance of ending the partial government shutdown and standing up to President Donald J. Trump. As she began her speech, she named another attendee, and told the crowd “That’s an applause line! I’ll let you know!”

She proceeded to inform the audience of when to clap throughout her speech.

Stumbling over her words during a part of her speech about 3 minutes in, about how Democrats will offer strong border security without the wall, the audience was not clear as to whether Pelosi’s pause constituted and applause line. Pelosi stopped her speech and asked the crowd “Do you want to?” as she raised her hands, gesturing for them to clap, “Let’s hear it for border security!”

At another point, six minutes into her speech, Pelosi paused and the audience did not clap. Pelosi began to go on with her speech then stopped, raised her hands into the air, and informed the audience “That’s an applause line!”

Pelosi repeatedly stumbled over words throughout the speech, at one point having to tap the podium to make sure she said the four letters “LGTB.”

Ironically, Pelosi also labelled President Trump’s promise to build a wall as a “campaign applause line” in her speech.

Absent from the speech was any mention of Pelosi cancelling President Trump’s State of the Union Address, or the United States Congressman who slammed her from the House floor for taking a three day weekend during the partial shutdown.

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