Nancy Pelosi Wants to See President Trump ‘In Prison’

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was quoted as telling members of her caucus that she’d like to see President Donald Trump in prison, in a meeting on Tuesday night.

The rhetoric from the senior Democrat is new to the sitting House Speaker. She was speaking to Democratic Members of Congress in a caucus meeting about potential impeachment of the President, and framed her desire for Trump’s impeachment in a manner designed to deter calls for removal from office. Impeachment proceedings would be widely seen as embarrassing for the Democratic Party and a waste of time for the wider American public.

I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison.

It’s unclear as to what crimes Pelosi believes Trump has committed that merit him a prison term. Democrats were meeting to coordinate strategy in response to the flop of the Mueller Report, which completely failed to substantiate any evidence of criminal acts committed by President Trump in coordination with the Russian government.

Pelosi also expressed her belief that impeachment proceedings so close to a Presidential election would be imprudent, suggesting a possibility that she’d simply change her mind and ignore the general public if Trump secured re-election in 2020.

Pelosi’s endorsement of Trump’s imprisonment is indicative of a broad consensus inside the party to see the President either jailed or legally prosecuted for supposed crimes. Democrats couldn’t care less about institutional norms cautioning against the jailing of political opponents- they’ll gladly do whatever it takes to get the big bad orange man, even if there aren’t any actual crimes for which to get him.

As the weak leader of the Democratic Party fails to make a case against a Deep State-led witch hunt, the United States proceeds further along on the path to a Banana Republic in which political leaders wantonly use the “justice” system to punish their political opponents.

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