Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop Allegedly Stolen During Capitol Protest

A laptop belonging to Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was allegedly stolen during Wednesday’s Capitol protest. Pro-Trump demonstrators had breached the Speaker’s officer after breaching the building.

The laptop in question was reportedly used for presentations to the House Democratic Caucus.

Screenshots of what were purportedly Nancy Pelosi’s personal emails circulated online in the wake of the raucous demonstration, which appeared to resemble the Speaker’s communications to House Democrats. A federal prosecutor involved in the preliminary investigation of Wednesday’s event claimed that some of the materials accessed by protestors contained sensitive national security information.

Another pro-Trump demonstrator entered Pelosi’s office and was seen reclining at the Speaker’s desk. Richard ‘Bigo’ Barrett of Arkansas has since been arrested by federal authorities. He’s being charged with entering and remaining on restricted grounds, theft of public property, and violent entry.

Pelosi’s personal residence in San Francisco was vandalized by protestors who demanded the Speaker acquiesce to a Republican Party proposal to provide $2,000 coronavirus relief checks to American taxpayers as well as to repeal Big Tech’s Section 230 monopoly protections.

Another man was seen walking through the Capitol holding a Congressional podium.

The alleged petty theft will provide an easy mechanism for federal authorities to arrest and charge participants of Wednesday’s event, if the accusations are legitimate.


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