Narrative Buster: Media Ignores Milwaukee Molson Coors Mass Shooter

Antony Ferrill, the man accused of killing five co-workers and himself at a Molson Coors plant, reportedly had a long-running dispute with the co-worker .

The New York Post reported that Ferrill had frequently gotten into arguments with one of the victims he killed, a fellow electrician, according to an account that an employee related to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The two co-workers had been accusing each other of going into each other’s’ offices and messing with computer equipment or swiping tools, according to a source, who did not want to be named.

The source also noted that Ferrill frequently watched movies on his phone throughout the day, which other co-workers complained about, and Ferrill believed he was being discriminated against because he was black.

Earlier in the day, Ferrill had been fired but ended up returning to the business facility with a stolen name tag and his firearm, according to WBBM-TV.

Ferrill had worked as an electrician for over 20 years. 17 of those years were spent at the Milwaukee brewery, according to a report from the Sentinel, which pointed to various sources and online employment records.

The tradesman turned murderer started to become paranoid at work, reportedly telling co-workers about a year ago that he suspected his bosses were breaking into his house, hacking his computer. and rearranging his furniture.

“I was, ‘Are you serious, Anthony? What?’” the unnamed employee informed the Sentinel. “We all kind of joked about it, saying we should maybe get him an aluminum hat. But he was dead serious about it.”

According to Phillip Rauch Sr., who worked with Ferrill for 15 years at the brewery, he was “a very good electrician.”

“Every time I worked with him, he was always in a good mood,” Rauch told the Sentinel.

Interestingly, the media did not focus much on the story.

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars noted this on Twitter.

He tweeted, “Wow, this disappeared from the discussion quickly.”

Simply put, when a non-White commits an atrocity, the media will do everything it can to downplay it.

However, when a white person carries out a shooting, there will be non-stop coverage about growing white supremacy or other bugaboos the media is willing to conjure up.

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