NASCAR Already Investigating Bubba Wallace’s Claim Of Hijacked Radio During Race: ‘Go Back To Where You Came’

Is NASCAR race-baiter Bubba Wallace at it again? 

Over the weekend, Wallace – who is the only Black driver in NASCAR’s top racing series – had his team’s radio apparently hijacked.


Just after Wallace took the checkered flag and finished as runner-up to Kyle Larson in the $1 million-to-the-winner event at North Wilkesboro (N.C.) Speedway, someone keyed into his No. 23 23XI Racing team radio channel with a derogatory message.

“Go back to where you came from you a******. You’re not wanted in NASCAR,” the person said.

This controversy, which is “eerily reminiscent of his most infamous incident” involving an “out-of-place” noose in his NASCAR garage door, not to mention one of many, should warrant the NASCAR organization asking a little more questions before jumping to any conclusions.

Instead, NASCAR told that the incident is already under investigation. And that the organization would be seeking “to determine who accessed his radio channel and how.”

Of course, red flags should be raised everywhere. Especially given Wallace’s history with fake claims of racism. 

Wallace’s claims from June 2020 were making headlines across virtually all media outlets at the time. Even prompting the FBI to launch an investigation of its own; one that would ultimately find that the so-called noose in question was nothing more than a standard garage door pull rope which had been there the year prior.

The whole claim of racism was eventually embedded within NASCAR. Not to mention it hurt the institution’s reputation badly. Many were put off by how quick everyone seemed to believe Wallace over his baseless assertions. Despite the evidence being minimal and the claim being farfetched. 

Now, with another claim from Wallace being made, skeptics should not have to be the ones disproving Wallace’s latest outcry. The burden of proof ought to be on Wallace. 

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