National OB-GYN Organizations Urge for Pregnant Women to Receive Experimental COVID-19 Jab

Two of the leading national organizations representing OB-GYN doctors are encouraging pregnant women to submit to the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) are using the delta variant as an excuse to push the jab on pregnant women, using hysterical propaganda in an attempt to force these dangerous shots into them.

“ACOG encourages its members to enthusiastically recommend vaccination to their patients. This means emphasizing the known safety of the vaccines and the increased risk of severe complications associated with COVID-19 infection, including death, during pregnancy,” said Dr. J. Martin Tucker, president of ACOG.

“COVID-19 vaccination is the best method to reduce maternal and fetal complications of COVID-19 infection among pregnant people,” said Dr. William Grobman, president of SMFM.

Big League Politics has reported on how pregnant women have been used as guinea pigs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccine for months now:

As part of the clinical trials in Britain, newborn infants and pregnant women will serve as lab rats for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Janssen, a subsidiary of the Big Pharma giant Johnson and Johnson, is attempting to convince people into signing up for these studies. Janssen’s Viral Vaccine expert Hanneke Schuitemaker said that “at a certain point if all goes well,” they’ll be sticking babies with their shots.

Additionally, Oxford-AstraZeneca will start sticking children as young as six years old with the vaccines in trials. Parents are being cajoled to put their children in grave danger, potentially sacrificing them on the altar of science…

Liberated women will put their children in grave danger to appease the mob, and Big Pharma hopes to exploit this selfish trait to stick more people with their dangerous shots.”

The medical establishment is more than willing to sacrifice pregnant women for the purposes of enabling government control and Big Pharma’s profits. This technocracy that is being established on the back of COVID-19 is cruel.

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