National Organization For Women: Fairfax Must Resign Amid Sexual Assault Allegation

Fairfax Must Resign NOW

The National Organization for Women is calling for Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax to resign amid allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman in 2004.

After Big League Politics broke the news of Fairfax’s sexual assault allegation, in which University Fellow and Professor Vanessa Tyson accused him of sexually assaulting her during the Democratic National Convention in 2004, Fairfax proceeded to smear her for her story and attack her character. This led the National Organization for Women (NOW) to demand his immediate resignation.

From NOW’s press release, titled “Justin Fairfax Must Resign – NOW Believes Survivors“:

The National Organization for Women (NOW) calls on Justin Fairfax to remove himself from the line of succession by resigning his office.

Dr. Vanessa Tyson has made the brave decision to come forward and reveal in her own words what happened between her and Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax during the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. Her story is horrifying, compelling and clear as day – and we believe her.

We believe and support survivors. We always believe and support survivors.

NOW also notes that this is “not about politics,” but about “a woman who has experienced sexual assault – a serious crime – at the hands of a powerful man, who is now attacking her character.”

“In order to tear down the systemic and toxic sexism in this country, we must speak out against it.”

Also today, Tyson and her lawyers released a formal statement accusing Fairfax of the sexual assault in 2004.

Big League Politics reported earlier today:

Tyson is represented by Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team.

Tyson describes the “painful memories, bringing back feelings of grief, shame, and anger that stemmed from an incident with Mr. Fairfax that occurred in July 2004 during the Democratic National Convention in Boston.”

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