National Public Radio Plays Audio of an Abortion Procedure, Allowing Listeners to Hear the Baby Dying

National Public Radio (NPR) in Michigan played the audio of an abortion procedure last week, allowing listeners to hear the murder of baby as it was ripped from the womb.

The audio can be heard here:

As The Daily Signal noted, vacuuming and crying could be heard as the brutal procedure was committed.

“Blow it out, blow it out, breathe through,” a staffer said to the mother as the abortion was performed.

The mother moaned as the baby was ripped out of her and killed and vacuumed out of her uterus.

“You did it,” someone told the mother.

“Thank you guys so much,” the mother responded.

“You are welcome!” another individual responds.

“You did great!” someone else states.

NPR explained how they were allowed behind the curtain into an abortion clinic to see what happens behind the closed doors.

“But Michigan Radio got a rare degree of access to Northland Family Planning, a group of clinics in suburban Detroit,” NPR reporter Kate Wells noted in her report. “For nine days in August and September, we shadowed a doctor and clinic staff through every step of the process.”

Wells wrote the article in order to promote the narrative that abortions are normal and natural medical procedures.

“Northland Family Planning gives every patient numbing medication applied to the cervix, and strong pain and anxiety medications (fentanyl and midazolam) administered intravenously,” Wells wrote about the Northland Family Planning clinic. “Some patients also get a cervix softener a few hours before the procedure to make dilation easier, depending on how far along their pregnancy is.”

“Once a patient was fully relaxed, Lance would use a speculum to view inside the patient’s vagina, then clean the vagina and cervix with gauze and antiseptic,” she added. “She then would dilate the cervix, while Brandee monitored the patient’s vitals.”

The article is meant to galvanize women to be in favor of Michigan’s Proposal 3, which is on the ballot in this year’s midterm elections in the state. It would not only legalize all abortions, even up to the moment of child birth, but will also allow children to be drugged and sterilized and make sexual choices without their parents’ consent.

“Stop thinking it can’t touch you,” a pro-abortion woman said in the NPR article. “It could touch you in so many ways. It could be your mother. It could be your sister. It could be your niece. It could be your daughter. Your future, your future daughter. Your future wife. Stop thinking it’s not going to touch you, man or woman.”

That is the entire point – to promote abortions to more women so this demonic sacrament can become even more commonplace than it already is. Roe v. Wade may have been repealed, but the fight to protect Life is just beginning.

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