National Review Censors Faith Goldy’s Comments

Nationalists continue to be censored by legacy institutions.

In a scathing story highlighting financial institutions efforts to suppress conservative activism, Michelle Malkin did a run through of all the right-wing activists that have been “debanked” so far.

Malkin’s nationally syndicated column “Questions for Chase (Away) Bank” detailed how conservative activists like Enrique Tarrio, Faith Goldy, Martina Markota, and Joe Biggs had their accounts shutdown by Chase.

In  the Townhall syndication, Goldy was on record detailing how she’s been kicked off multiple platforms:

To date I’ve been banned from: PayPal, Patreon, GoFundMe, Airbnb, Facebook and Instagram. I’ve committed no crime! My only fault is loving my country and quoting government statistics to a camera from my kitchen table. The nature of big tech censorship is imperialistic and these Silicon Valley nerds won’t stop until every freethinker is snuffed or scared into submission.

Curiously, the National Review‘s syndication of Malkin’s article deleted Faith Goldy’s account of what happened to her.

Goldy highlighted this in a recent tweet stating that “None of Malkin’s other syndicates felt the need to edit her work.”

The National Review’s establishment gatekeeping is well-documented.

BLP recently exposed National Review columnist David French’s virtue signaling on the issue of immigration, which makes their move to conveniently edit out Goldy’s comments unsurprising.

Goldy has been one of the fiercest opponents of mass migration schemes and tech censorship over the past few years.

The issues that Goldy talks about, especially immigration, are no casual matters.

Mass migration is already wreaking havoc in Europe, and with current trends in the U.S., it could fundamentally alter its socio-political environment for decades to come.

Naturally, legacy institutions who promote mass migration and other politically correct causes like feminism are quick to muzzle dissenting views by outsourcing their dirty work to Big Tech and Big Business.

This National Review case also demonstrates that it’s not just the Left that’s gatekeeping.

Established right-wing organizations are also doing heavy lifting for PC culture by excluding people who are “outside” of the boundaries of acceptable opinion.

As the 2020 elections approach, where immigration is the #1 issue for a significant bloc of voters, this style of censorship will be dialed up.

Nationalist conservatives will be in the establishment’s crosshairs.

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