National Review Defends DOJ Conspirator Rod Rosenstein

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein (File photo)

National Review ran a piece Saturday defending Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein from reports that Trump is considering firing the disgraced official.

Trump told reporters “You figure that one out” when asked if he planned to fire Rosenstein, who signed an application to renew a FISA warrant on President Trump’s team. That FISA warrant was predicated on a false anti-Trump dossier compiled by Fusion GPS and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, with the FBI re-imbursing some of the costs of the opposition research project.

Sadly, some establishment conservatives support the anti-Trump Deep State conspirators, as evidenced by the fact that donor Paul Singer funded Fusion GPS’ smear project early in the election through Washington Free Beacon, an outlet that he finances, which is run by neocon Bill Kristol’s son-in-law Matthew Continetti.

Heather MacDonald writes for National Review’s The Corner, trying to appeal to conservative sympathies on behalf of the pro-Rosenstein cause:

“Rumors that President Trump is contemplating sacking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his role in the controversial Carter Page FISA warrant should be dispiriting to anyone who supports the police against the lies of the Black Lives Matter movement. Rosenstein is under fire for seeking a renewal of the Page FISA warrant without disclosing to the FISA court the role of Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign in producing some of the information in the warrant request. (None of the three previous Justice Department officials who had sought renewals disclosed to the court the Fusion GPS connection, either.)   If Trump fires Rosenstein, he will deprive the Justice Department of one of its most articulate defenders of proactive policing. Rosenstein has unapologetically and forcefully rejected the Black Lives Matter narrative….Trump must not let his desire for vengeance in the Russian collusion investigation overcome a cool assessment of Rosenstein’s contributions to the cause of public safety.”

This is not entirely surprising, coming from the magazine that ran an infamous “Against Trump” cover during the Republican primaries. MacDonald, meanwhile, is a Manhattan Institute fellow who has been praised by neocon NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro.

But it underscores the fact that partisan allegiances are disappearing from the Trump Wars. One side wants the hyper-political weaponization of the intelligence agencies to end.

The other side, to paraphrase Ms. MacDonald, is letting its desire for vengeance against Trump to overcome America’s cool assessment of corruption in our government.

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