National Right To Life Hangs Up On Question About Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Planned Parenthood Tape

National Right to Life in Washington, D.C. is silent as of press time following the release of a new tape featuring interim Mississippi senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. On the tape, Hyde-Smith admits that she voted for a budget that funds Planned Parenthood.

National Right To Life political director Karen Cross claims that Hyde-Smith has a “100 percent pro-life” record. But Hyde-Smith is a recent Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton.

I asked Karen Cross if she thinks it is a sin to put your name down voting on a bill that finances abortion providers. Karen Cross hung up on me rather than answer my question heart to heart. Karen Cross referred me to her media relations department, which did not answer my questions.

Is this what the Washington Establishment is turning into?

Conservative state senator Chris McDaniel is making it known that Hyde-Smith is a former Democrat, and the establishment supporting Hyde-Smith in the state does not know what to do.

Here is the tape that is shocking Mississippi:

“I did vote for a bill that has some funding in it for Planned Parenthood,” Hyde-Smith admitted.

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