National School Boards Association That Called CRT Critics Terrorists At Risk of Collapse As State Affiliates Leave

A far-left national school board association that partnered with the Biden administration to slander parents who oppose critical race theory as terrorists is in a state of disarray, with state affiliates fleeing the National School Boards Association and reports suggesting the organization could collapse.

The NSBA was responsible for sending a letter to the Department of Justice warning of supposed “domestic terrorist” plots on the part of parents who oppose CRT in schools and mask mandates at the behest of the Biden administration. A story from the Washington Post reveals NSBA insiders are scrambling to rebuild credibility with the public after apologizing for the letter, which was drafted without any hard proof of a wide-ranging domestic terrorist plot against left-wing school board members.

Nineteen state affiliates of the NSBA have since left the organization, undermining any pretense it could claim to a nonpartisan and apolitical approach to education policy. The newly installed executive director of the NSBA cites the need to “rebuild trust” in the organization, with the parents it’s obligated to serve having soured considerably on the integrity of public schools in the wake of the political scandal.

Do we support NSBA’s take as labeling parents as domestic terrorists? We do not,” said Jim Green, the executive director of the Oregon School Boards Association. The state affiliated criticized the NSBA’s conduct without formally withdrawing from the organization, as chapters in mostly conservative-leaning states did.

Education activists in states opposed to the NSBA’s demonization of CRT critics are discussing the potential of creating a school board federation independent of political influence, potentially paving a path forward for public education without its most unsavory elements and political extremism. The NSBA issued an apology for the October letter demonizing parents, a move deemed by its critics as too little too late, with Biden’s DOJ refusing to back down on a criminal probe into CRT critics at the organization’s behest.

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