National Security Spokesperson Declares that Spreading Cultural Degeneracy is an Integral Part of US Foreign Policy

On March 21, 2023, National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby declared that the Biden regime believes LGBTQ+ rights “are human rights,” and they constitute “a core part of our foreign policy.”

Kirby made this response after being questioned about Uganda’s recent passage of an anti-LGBTQ identity law and whether the United States is committed to promoting homosexual rights in Africa, 

At the White House press briefing, a reporter informed Kirby about how the Ugandan parliament passed an “anti-homosexual bill” and that Ugandan officials had plans of participating at an African summit to talk about and promote the passage of similar anti-homosexuality laws in other African countries.

The reporter also asserted that Russia was potentially supporting such laws to drive a “wedge” against the US. Due to how the Biden regime “is currently engaging with Africa on other issues” the reporter asked Kirby if this is “a concern for the U.S.?”

Kirby replied, “President Biden has been nothing but consistent about his foundational belief in human rights, and LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.”

“We’re never going to be shy or bashful in speaking up about those rights for individuals to live as they deem fit, as they want to live,” Kirby continued.

“And that’s something that’s a core part of our foreign policy and it will remain so,” he stated. 

Lo and behold: the globohomo American state that pushes degeneracy abroad. At a point when the US should be treating its biggest national security threat — its porous border — as a national emergency, the US regime would rather be fixated with cultural degeneracy. That just goes to show how decadent the current regime has become, something that won’t be reversed until nationalists totally shake-up the current political order. 

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