Nationalist European Media Outlet Gets Zucked But Then Re-Activated by Facebook

The past week of political mayhem has many on the Right wondering “what’s next?”

Over the weekend, a mass censorship campaign was waged against the American Right. From the suspension of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account to Amazon Web Services’ decision to boot alternative social media platform Parler from its servers. 

Many Americans were rightfully in a state of shock. However, Americans weren’t the only victims of Big Tech overlords’ harassment. 

Eastern Europe has earned the reputation of being a bastion for nationalism and anti-globalism over the past decades. Countries such as Hungary and Poland have stood out as leaders of the so-called Visegrad Four composed of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. The aforementioned countries are among the European Union’s most nationalist countries. In addition, they tend to be the most skeptical of mass migration and the modern-day Left’s efforts to destroy traditional family roles.

One of the first victims’ was Visegrad24, a media website that covers political developments in that region. On January 11, 2021,  its Facebook account was disabled. That day, Visegrad24’s Twitter account posted, “Our account on Facebook has been disabled.”

However, on that same day, Visegrad24 updated its followers noting that “Following a swift intervention, we are back up on FB: 

Follow us at:

This is good news for Visegrad24. That said, Facebook’s action is likely a sneak preview of the regime change tactics used to topple the nationalist governments of Poland and Hungary.

The woke imperialists are in full control of the U.S.government and they will have Poland and Hungary in their crosshairs for potential regime change. These types will not sleep until the world is filled with neoliberal puppet regimes that are receptive to wokeness.

The Visegrad 4 will be among the first countries targeted, which should have nationalists across the West on guard.

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