NATO Leader Says Russia Must Lose War in Ukraine in Order to Send Message to China

Ceremony for the opening of the Joint Training and Evaluation Centre at the Krtsanisi Military Facility

NATO is all in to defeat Russia in Ukraine because they want to “send a message” to China and other nations throughout the world that the globalist agenda is not to be defied without extreme consequences.

“President Putin must not win this war, because that will not only be a tragedy for Ukrainians, but also make the world more dangerous,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg Stoltenberg said at the White House on Tuesday before a scheduled summit with U.S. ‘President’ Joe Biden.

“It will send a message to authoritarian leaders all over the world, also in China, that when they use military force, they get what they want, and we will then become more vulnerable. So it’s our security interest to support Ukraine,” he added.

As the Russia-Ukraine war wages on at an extreme cost to Western countries with untold amounts of death and destruction to the region, NATO is setting their sights on China, preparing for a potential war over Taiwan.

Big League Politics has reported on NATO expanding to the East as they plan to provoke China in a similar manner as they have done with Russia:

As if causing chaos in Ukraine wasn’t enough, the United States’ pivot to Asia is likely laying the groundwork for the next major security crisis on the international stage. 

Following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week, there has been rampant speculation about China and the US potentially locking horns.

Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui had strong words about the US’s growing encroachments within China’s traditional sphere of influence. 

“The US is trying to use the same tactics against China to create a crisis in the Taiwan Strait in order to prevent the development and rise of China, to interfere in its domestic affairs, to transfer China’s domestic affairs to the international level, to exhaust and contain it through war and sanctions,” Zhang Hanhui said in an interview with Russian state outlet TASS.

Zhang believes that the US’s actions against Taiwan show that the Collective West is using the “NATO Expansion to the East” model in the Indo-Pacific region. 

“This [The US’s provocative actions around Taiwan] cannot be regarded as anything else but the Asia-Pacific version of ‘NATO Expansion to the East’,” Zhang emphasized.

The deranged Western powers will not be happy until they have achieved World War 3. These genocidal, bloodlusting globalists must be stopped before their psychotic hubris brings about a nuclear holocaust.

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