NATO Member Nations are Getting More Worried About Costs of Sending Military Aid To Ukraine

Several allies of the United States in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are worried about how long and how expensive supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia, per a Politico report published on July 8, 2023.

According to Politico, NATO member nations have become increasingly worried about the current push to support Ukraine with economic and military aid ahead of the NATO summit in Vilnius, which took place on July 11-12. Politico reported that a growing number of Republicans in the United States Congress have manifested their opposition to funding Ukraine. The Politico report noted that this growing opposition brewing within the US Congress, “has stirred fears across Europe” that a GOP candidate who could become the next US president after the 2024 presidential election “could shatter the alliance.”

“Several points of strain will be evident” at the NATO summit, “including sharp divides as to whether to put Ukraine on a path to NATO membership,” the Politico report stated.

The Russo-Ukrainian war has demonstrated the delusions of the Collective West.  Thinking that they can drag Russia into a prolonged proxy war against Russia, these delusional hacks are constantly clamoring for sending military aid to Ukraine, consequences be damned. Europe is already getting pounded by high energy costs that have been brought about by the West’s energy sanctions war against Russia. The result has been an impoverished Europe that has become more economically and military dependent on the US. 

Hopefully, dissent starts to grow among the ranks of NATO member countries so that this quixotic geopolitical venture gets shut down. Great civilizational regions such as Europe should not be bowing down to the US’s geopolitical interests. 

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