NATO Official Says the Alliance is Ready for War with Russia 

During an interview on Portugal’s RTP TV channel, Chair of the NATO Military Committee Rob Bauer indicated that the military alliance is prepared to engage in a direct confrontation against Russia should the situation necessitate it

Responding to a question concerning the matter, he proclaimed: “We are ready.” However, he stressed that the alliance will only respond militarily only if Russia attacks a NATO member state. 

The military official emphasized how NATO should be better prepared due to Russia possessing the military initiative at the moment. “The fact that your enemy has better weapons is not the problem of the enemy. That is your problem,” he remarked.

While European countries should be taking charge of their military affairs and securing their own borders, there is no need for NATO to be getting ready for a Russian invasion. In all likelihood, Russia’s military operation will just be confined to Ukraine. Foreign policy experts should discard the flawed and tired use of World War II analogies that posit how a successful Russian military campaign in Ukraine will lead to further interventions across Europe. The United States in particular should ignore the Siren Song of interventionism and focus on its domestic affairs instead. 

In truth, such a nationalist scenario will require the US to have a completely different political class.

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