NATO Secretary General Claims Military Alliance is Not Trying to Become a Party in the Ukraine War 

During an interview with German newspaper Die Welt on January 25, 2023, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO is not a party to the conflict in Ukraine. In fact, he stressed that the military alliance is not actively trying to become a party to this conflict. 

Stoltenberg added that the US-dominated alliance is not deploying aircraft and troops to Ukraine. The secretary general mentioned how the military alliance has supported Ukraine by supplying it with military equipment. He noted that Ukraine has the right to defend itself as outlined by the United Nations Charter In addition, the secretary general brought up how NATO has the right to support Ukraine in upholding its right to self-defense. 

Per Stoltenberg, the risk of escalation is very real and highlighted the importance of bolstering the alliance’s military presence on its eastern flank. He believes that such a maneuver will make Russia understand that NATO is committed to defending every inch of its territory.

With practically all NATO member nations sending military aid to Ukraine, NATO has become a de facto party to the current party in Ukraine. While NATO hasn’t sent massive amounts of troops to directly intervene in Ukraine, it is arming Ukraine to the teeth in an effort to bleed out Russia. 

Eventually, Russia will no longer tolerate these arms shipments to Ukraine and start targeting the lethal aid supplies, which it will start viewing as a belligerent act on NATO’s part. NATO’s current proxy war against Russia can only stay in the gray zone for so long. 

At some point, this proxy war will turn into a direct clash between Russia and the Collective West. Such a scenario should frighten anyone who desires geopolitical stability. 

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