Navy Secretary Admits That Constant Supply Of Aid to Ukraine is Depleting US Navy Supplies

United States Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro recently revealed that within the upcoming six months, the US Navy may be compelled to choose between arming itself or Ukraine, as weapons producers aren’t manufacturing arms quickly enough.

According to a report by Defense One a reporter asked Del Toro whether “the Navy might get to the point where it has to make the decision whether it needs to arm itself or arm Ukraine, and has the Navy gotten to that point yet?” 

Del Toro replied by noting that “With regards to deliveries of weapons systems for the fight in Ukraine…Yeah, that’s always a concern for us. And we monitor that very, very closely.”

“I wouldn’t say we’re quite there yet, but if the conflict does go on for another six months, for another year, it certainly continues to stress the supply chain in ways that are challenging,” Del Toro continued.

The Navy secretary noted that Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks is closely working with the defense industry to assist them in overcoming any roadblocks that are impeding weapons production.

“It’s obvious that you know, these companies have a substantial pipeline for the future,” Del Toro stated. “They now need to invest in their workforce, as well as the capital investments that they have to make within their own companies to get their production rates up.”

According to Alex Timothy of The Post Millennial, these questions came after a four-star admiral made allegations that defense companies were using the pandemic as a pretext to delay weapons deliveries. 

“I’m not…talking about what it’s doing to me, I’m talking about of course, we’re going to help a country—deliver the stuff we need—so they can win that conflict against Russia and it’s not going to destroy and set me back into the dark ages,” Admiral Daryl Caudle, head of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, stated. 

Thus far, the Biden regime has dumped over $100 billion into Ukraine to try to trap Russia in a geopolitical quagmire. Several America First Republicans have opposed this military aid largesse directed to Ukraine, however, the GOP brass remains committed to continuing this proxy war against Russia. 

The piles of aid the US is sending to Ukraine are valuable resources that could be otherwise deployed to the southern border — an area of major strategic interest that represents America’s weakest link in national security matters. 

A truly nationalist regime in DC would do everything possible to end American involvement in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and refocus all national security resources at the southern border. 

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