NBA Player Suffers Season Ending Injury with Blod Clots After Vaccine – Told to Keep Quiet

The National Basketball Association now has 95% of its players vaccinated, despite not requiring it except for teams where new local COVID-19 requirements have been enacted such as New York and San Francisco.

 We have seen freedom fighters in the league Kyrie Irving and Bradley Beal become lastonishingly outspoken heroes, using their social media platforms to challenge the dogmatic narrative. 

Now, Brandon Goodwin, NBA player with the Atlanta Hawks has triggered the mainstream media apparatus and hysteria ridden masses, dropping a bombshell truth on live broadcast despite the league telling him to stay quiet according to the video. 

“My back really started hurting bad,” Goodwin said. “Then, I’m like, ‘OK. I need to go to the doctor. That’s when I found out I had blood clots. That all within the span of a month.” 

“I was fine until then. I was fine up until I took the vaccine, I was fine. People trying to tell you, ‘No. It’s not the vaccine.’ How do you know? You don’t know. Yes, the vaccine ended my season. One thousand percent.”

Unvaccinated players will be subject to a pointless, stricter set of health and safety protocols compared to vaccinated players. With the season starting next week, time will only tell in regards to who else will succumb to these jabs.

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