NBC Bashes Serviceman, Says ‘OK’ Symbol Means ‘White Supremacy’

NBC’s Saturday mission has been to ruin the life U.S. Coast Guard serviceman by slandering him as a “white supremacist.”

In a live NBC interview on Friday night with Coast Guard Captain John Reed, part of the Hurricane Florence response team, a member of Reed’s team can be seen over his shoulder flashing the “OK” hand gesture:

But the idea that “OK” gesture has been co-opted by neo-Nazis and turned into a symbol of “white supremacy” started as a troll, intentionally created by 4chan users on /pol to prove the gullibility of the mainstream press and its eagerness to paint everyone politically left of Stalin as racist.

It has fallen for the gag hook, line and sinker, and the Coast Guard member was clearly trolling them when he made the hand gesture on live television.

The mainstream press knows that it is the butt of a joke, but continues with the narrative anyways.  Quoting the 4chan thread where the troll started, the Washington Post even acknowledged that the hand gesture is not actually a “white power” symbol.

“’To any who haven’t seen the original thread, our goal is to convince people on twitter that the ‘ok’ hand sign has been co-opted by neo-nazis,’ the original poster of the [/pol] thread wrote,” they reported Saturday.

The troll continues.

On the off chance that the hand gesture is actually  “a low-key way for white supremacists to silently let people know that they, too, prefer a melanin-less world without seasoning salt,” as described by the morons at The Root, then many prominent black Americans have some serious explaining to do.

Here is former President Barack H. Obama advocating for white supremacy:

Here is Al Sharpton using the racist dog whistle:

Here is black supremacist Tariq Nasheed making the using the white supremacist gesture:

Finally, here is a young Oprah Winfrey flashing a double white-supremacist hand gesture:

The drum of mainstream press lunacy beats on, and today their target is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard. They are truly the enemy of ordinary American people.

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