NBC Correspondent Uses Disinformation about Virginia Gun Rally, Refuses to Delete

Gabe Gutierrez, an NBC News correspondent, gave misleading accounts of videos that he took at the Lobby Day gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia.

Gutierrez initially posted a video of protestors supposedly chanting “we will not comply”, when, in reality, there protestors were reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Gutierrez tweeted, “Chants of ‘we will not comply’ from gun rights protesters in Richmond.”


The NBC correspondent faced instant criticism from Twitter observers.

Matt Whitlock, an advisor for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, fired back at Gutierrez’s video, tweeting “At some point this starts to feel like a concerted effort by major media companies to smear. Yesterday Ben Collins with a viral tweet calling this a ‘white nationalist rally.’ Today this guy tweets a video of the pledge of allegiance saying it’s a ‘we will not comply’ chant.”


Gutierrez attempted to save face by posting a video in which he stated “Earlier posted video of Pledge of Allegiance. For those who’ve asked, here’s the video of ‘We will not comply.’ Taken seconds apart.”


Although he corrected himself, it’s clear that mainstream journalists are heading into this event to paint false narratives.

This is part of a larger plot to paint Second Amendment activists as extremists.

The Left’s endgame is destroy the time-honored tradition of gun ownership protected by the Second Amendment.

This path won’t be easy, so they’ll try to start off by misleading the public and creating false narratives about Second Amendment supporters.

Then, they will proceed to use conventional legislative efforts to attack gun rights.

BLP covered a recent story where an NBC news journalist defamed many gun rights activists by labeling them “white nationalists.”

The story can be read below:

An NBC News journo shamefully defamed thousands of Virginians who plan on attending an upcoming Second Amendment Rally at the state capital, claiming that they were convening for a “white nationalist rally” on a Sunday tweet.

Monday’s Second Amendment Rally is expected to draw thousands of gun rights supporters. The event has nothing to do with white nationalism, and instead is occurring to protest Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s wide-reaching gun control package he’s seeking to impose upon the people of the state.

In Ben Collins’ astoundingly dishonest tweet, he even had the audacity to warn other mainstream media “journalists” to avoid reporting falsely when covering the event.


After being roundly dunked upon for his dishonest claim about the upcoming rally, Collins deleted his initial tweet. But he’s still trying to make and extremely dubious connection between the rally and white nationalism, as seen in a subsequent tweet.

Governor Northam himself has utilized conspiracy theories about the event to seize emergency powers, unilaterally banning open carry from the state capital on the basis of a supposed violent criminal presence.

The fearmongering over the upcoming Second Amendment rally could prove to have consequences, as some gun rights advocates and supporters of the movement to overturn Northam’s planned gun control have warned of possible infiltration of the rally.

Some conservatives fear that professional agitators and rent-a-mob types will arrive on the scene with the intention of discrediting peaceful Second Amendment demonstrators. Such a development would prove to be a major convenience for gun control advocates such as Northam and Collins, who would love nothing more than a chance to slander pro-gun Virginians as a violent mob.

Tensions are high as patriots move ahead with their plans for the capital rally on Monday.

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