NBC Reporter Wrongly Claims 2020 Will Be First Year With Multiple Female Presidential Candidates

An NBC reporter let her feminism get ahead of her fact-checking, and botched an easily verifiable fact in a Sunday Tweet.

“For the first time in history there is more than one female politician running for president,” said NBC Capitol Hill reporter Marianna Sotomayor. “Sen. Klobuchar became the fifth woman to announce today.”

Perhaps Sotomayor has short-term memory loss, or was not reporting fake news during the last election cycle. Referring back to the record, there were three female presidential candidates in 2016. Carly Fiorina, Jill Stein, and of course, Hillary Clinton.

Further research shows that Patsy Mink and Shirley Chisholm were both Democratic Party candidates for president – in 1972.

File Sotomayor’s Tweet under the “epic failure” category. It’s well established that NBC is not exactly a titan of truth. But seriously, how hard is it to run a quick Google search before hitting “Send” on a Tweet?

“Google before you Tweet” is the new “Think before you speak.”

In true fake news fashion, Sotomayor eventually deleted the Tweet – quietly and without apologizing for spreading misinformation. How can we trust these people when they cannot even provide basic information without error?

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