NBC Sides With NAZI SOLDIER to Spite Trump

In a Sunday afternoon article, NBC quoted an actual Nazi soldier who bashed President Donald J. Trump, enthusiastically siding with the Nazi and promulgating his talking points.

“With Trump it is not easy,” Paul Golz told NBC. “Many Germans are not happy with what he does. He cannot just say ‘America First.’ Today you cannot succeed alone.”

Golz, 95, fought for the Nazis against Allied Forces during World War II. Without a hint of irony – and ignoring the fact that Golz himself partook in the devastation caused by the Third Reich – NBC gladly echoed Golz’s talking points about the rise of populism in the West.

“Take Brexit, that monkey business,” he said. “How should England succeed in a world where everything is globalized?”

The motive behind the populist uprising is to fight back against the massive, centralized power wielded by unelected globalist plutocrats, who use their power to prop up the elite globalist establishments – which has ostensibly decreased the quality of life of ordinary citizens – and to give that power back to the ordinary citizens.

But it makes sense that Golz and NBC – the public relations arm of those same unelected elitist plutocrats – would fight on behalf of them. Golz literally fought for a power that sought to establish a global dictatorship fewer than 80 years ago. In fact, Golz fought American troops as they stormed Normandy.

“Once he was better, Golz was assigned to 91st Air Infantry Division and dispatched to Normandy where the troops were literally dug in near the Cherbourg heights,” the report said.

He even took an American soldier prisoner on behalf of Hitler’s army.

If anyone was still wondering about the state of the media, this is it: siding with actual Nazis as long as they’ll spout anti-Trump talking points.

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