NBC’s Kasie Hunt: Senate Dems scheming White House bids vote to extend ‘Schumer Shutdown’

MSNBC coverage of the “Schumer Shutdown” with Chris Matthews and Kasie Hunt. (Screenshot)

NBC News political reporter Kasie Hunt told MSNBC watchers that while many Senate Democrats were voting for to end the federal government shutdown Monday, there are others voting to extend the shutdown because they are running for president.

“One thing that is unfolding now on the Senate floor that I think is noteworthy, we’re hearing that Senator Warren plans to vote ‘no,’ she may have already voted no,” said Hunt, who at the time getting live updates from her colleagues at the Senate Press Gallery.

“Kamala Harris of California, Bernie Sanders, what do these people have in common?” she asked. “These are people who are likely running for president in 2020.”

The final roll call vote was 81-18, with Sen. John S. McCain III (R.-Ariz.) not voting.

In the Senate, routine legislation requires 60 votes to end debate and force a floor vote, and there are only 51 Republicans. By withholding the votes the GOP needed to reach 60, Senate Democrats kept the “debate” open, preventing the Republicans from bringing up the House’s continuing resolution for a vote.

The Senate Democrats were holding back their support because they were demanding permanent amnesty for the young illegal aliens covered by President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Funding for the federal government expired Friday, so the government was technically “shutdown” over the weekend–until the Democratic leadership relented.

The Republicans voting against the shutdown bill that would keep the government open until Feb. 8, were: Utah’s Sen. Michael S. Lee and Kentucky’s Sen. Randal H. “Rand” Paul.

The Democrats voting to extend the shutdown were: New Jersey’s Sen. Cory A. Booker, New York’s Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand, California’s Sen. Kamala D. Harris, Connecticut’s Sen. Christopher S. Murphy, Massachusetts’ Sen. Elizabeth Warren–along with Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is an Independent, but who caucuses with Democrats.

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