NC Gov. Roy Cooper Blocks RNC Over Safety Concerns While Cheering on Riots That Disregard Social Distancing

North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper has rejected the request to hold a full Republican National Convention this summer in Charlotte, citing safety concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The people of North Carolina do not know what the status of COVID-19 will be in August, so planning for a scaled-down convention with fewer people, social distancing and face coverings is a necessity,” Cooper wrote in a letter to the Republican National Committee (RNC).

However, Cooper has recently been cheering on the mob behavior of so-called protesters throughout his state despite the fact that they have made a complete mockery of social distancing guidelines.

“Let me be clear about one thing: People are more important than property. Black Lives do Matter,” Cooper wrote on Saturday in a now infamous Tweet.

Republican leadership in the state has criticized Cooper for his lackluster response to widespread rioting, even though he eventually said he would utilize the National Guard to control unruly protesters.

“I’m calling on the governor to fully mobilize the National Guard to make sure these cities and these communities are safe going forward,” Republican state house speaker Tim Moore said. “We’ve now had, if you count Charlotte, three nights of unrest, three nights of looting, three nights of rioting in various cities across the state.”

“The National Guard could have fully been mobilized here ready and been able to deal with these issues as they were unfolding, as opposed to hours and hours late,” he added. “I don’t know how much damage could have been prevented, but I would submit to you that it would be a lot.”

The RNC has given Cooper every chance to comply with their requests. They intend to hold a full convention with 19,000 delegates being seated there and in excess of 50,000 individuals attending the event from Aug. 24-27.

“While we have demonstrated our commitment and acted to ensure a safe convention, to date, we have received no guidance that provides us with any assurances that the Convention can proceed according to the terms of the various participants’ original agreements,” the RNC said.

“Proactively, we have plans in place for temperature checks, testing before and during the Convention, making masks available for those who request one and providing enhanced sanitization of public areas in order to protect the health of attendees and the residents of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County,” they added.

However, if Cooper wants to abuse his power to deny the freedom to assemble for Republicans, there are governors who are willing to step in and take the commerce and revenue that Cooper is denying his state out of spite.

“Florida would love to have the RNC,” said Fla. Gov. Ron Desantis. “Heck, I’m a Republican, it would be good for us to have the DNC in terms of the economic impact.”

“Florida wants to work with you. If you’re a business, if you’re a sports team, if you have some of these events — we want to work with you to get to yes,” DeSantis added.

President Trump has put Gov. Cooper in his sights for attempting to obstruct the RNC:

Cooper’s political games will not stop the 1st Amendment rights of Republicans from being exercised at this national convention, whether it is in his state or elsewhere. The deadline the RNC has given Cooper to acquiesce is Wednesday, or they are expected to find another venue to hold their convention.

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