NC Governor Roy Cooper Endorses Rioting

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper held a press briefing on May 31 to address the death of George Floyd and the subsequent lootings that have spread into North Carolina.

In a tweet storm, Cooper effectively endorsed rioting.

He started off by tweeting, “I’m here today to talk about the call being sounded right now across our state and country to stamp out the persistent and ugly flames of racism. The unjust killing of George Floyd less than a week ago combined with many other recent and distant events broke open painful wounds.”


Cooper is of the opinion that “These scars mark generations of trauma that black people and other communities of color continue to suffer. Trauma that has too often gone unrecognized in our country.”


The North Carolina Governor added, “We’ve had moments of heightened awareness, some right here in our own state. But they’ve faded from the headlines too fast. We’ve made some progress, but when you see George Floyd on the ground begging for air, you realize that we have so much more work to do.”


The Governor tried to shift discussion by claiming that people are focusing too much on the riots as opposed to the protests, which he noted:

Unfortunately, today the headlines are not about those protestors and their calls for serious, meaningful change. They are more about riots, and tear gas, and broken windows, and stolen property. I fear the cry of the people is being drowned out by the noise of riots.

Then Cooper revealed his true colors in one of his most damning tweets.

He resolutely stated, “Let me be clear about one thing: People are more important than property. Black Lives do Matter.”

Based on this statement, Cooper would rather have North Carolinians continue to have their small businesses and property razed, rather than restoring order.

Yes, the death of George Floyd is an example of gross police misconduct, but it in no way justifies the savage looting that is taking place across the nation.

State governments across the country are becoming derelict in their duty to protect public order.

These situations demonstrate why many Second Amendment advocates are adamant about the right to bear arms.

Although governments have a role to play in defending people’s property and basic liberties, the current strain of governments have been totally infected with political correctness and a penchant to facilitate anarcho-tyrannical practices.

Lawful citizens may have to take matters into their own hands and use rational methods in order to quell the unrest and bring some semblance of order.

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