North Dakota House Education Chair Pat Heinert Voted Against Parental Rights and For Sex Shows In Front Of Children

During a recent session of the North Dakota House of Representatives, Pat Heinert, the Chair of the House Education Committee, kicked off a heated debate by voting against legislation with the goal of protecting parental rights and supporting legislation letting sex shows take place in front of children on private property.

The bills on parental rights, HB 1362 and SB 2260, were both focused on preserving parental autonomy in education and child-upbringing decisions. However, Heinert’s position on these measures indicated that he is willing to endorse government control of parental rights — a move that drew significant pushback from both constituents and advocacy organizations.

Additionally, HB 1333, which put the divisive provision permitting sex shows in front of minors on private property, picked up Heinert’s support via a Senate amendment. This move has generated significant outrage from parents and advocates of child protection, who contend that such legislation could have negative effects on children’s well-being and moral development.

Heinert’s legislative moves have raised questions about elected officials’ role in protecting the interests of families and communities. North Dakota grassroots activists contend that by voting against bills designed to uphold parental authority and endorsing measures that expose children to explicit content, Heinert has failed to uphold his duty to protect the values and rights of North Dakota’s citizens. 

Heinert was first elected in 2016 to North Dakota’s House District 32. Based on his legislative behavior, Heinert is just another spineless elected official who must be relieved of the burden of holding higher office.


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