Nearly Half of Americans Worry About the Safety of Their Money in Banks

48% of US adults indicated they are concerned about their money, which includes 19% who are “very” and 29% who are “moderately” concerned. Similarly, 30% are “not too worried” and 20% are “not worried at all.”

These results came from a Gallup poll carried out from April 3 to the 25, the month following the collapse of  Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. 

Concerns about banks are  higher among Republicans, Independents, middle- and lower-income adults, and individuals without a college degree are more concerned than their counterparts about the safety of their money at banks.

On the other hand ,majorities 55% of Republican voters and 51% of independent voters stated they’re at least moderately worried, while  3% of Democrats are. In a similar vein, 54% of US adults with no college degree are very or moderately worried, whereas 36% of college graduates are. Roughly half of Americans making a yearly household income under $100,000 manifested concerns about their money, while 40% of individuals making higher incomes do.

The US economy is built on a house of cards so people have every reason to grow pessimistic about the country’s economic prospects. The country’s massive regulatory state combined with the easy money policies that undergird it will make the economy perpetually unstable. For economic stability to occur in the US, a thorough dismantling of the DC regulatory state and the Federal Reserve system is of the essence.

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